Why I started this blog….

So why start this blog…..

I wrote the below when  I was 21 weeks pregnant. I wanted to create a blog to help and inspire women and to know that you are not alone. Overall my pregnancy OK, and I will write blog posts around pregnancy, but now I am 8.5 months in to being a  new Mum and I’ve struggled a lot. I wanted to share what I wrote back then. Now this blog will not only be about creating  a little one or ones. But also to help you if you are new to motherhood and it isn’t exactly what you thought it would be.

I never have been an “Earth Mother aching to have children”. In fact babies scare me…..a lot! And now I am having one, I am even more scared that someone will hand me their precious bundle of joy and expect me to know what to do…I don’t!!!

If you are thinking….ooh this baby must have been a “mistake” – No, we “planned” him and now feel very blessed, just a bit scared too!!! As of writing this I am 21 Weeks pregnant and wanted to share my honest account of what has/is happening to me and our life! As most of what I have felt and experienced in body and mind  – NO-ONE warned me about!! So yes, it will be honest about my peeling nipples, my cramps in Veejay (yes that happens) but also celebrating just how blooming amazing we are, that we have been blessed to create a little being to grace this planet! I feel quite hero like as I add to the human race!!

As well as my experiences in this 9 months (well as I find out….that’s a lie straight off,it more like 10!) I want to share my “expertise” in all things beauty and fitness. To help make you feel as Blooming Beautiful as you can both on the inside and out – even if its once a week! As well as what I do to try and stay organised as a Self Employed work from home Mama to be! (Although I have worked in the corporate field to as a project manager – so know the grind of leaving in the dark, to work a job that doesn’t really inspire you, to get home in the dark to stress before going to bed!)

I look forward to sharing my journey and hearing all about yours too, so I don’t feel like I am the only one to experience “burping hour”!

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