Free Family Day Out – Jordans Mill, Bedfordshire

Nana, the boy and me went to look around Jordans Mill, Broom, Bedfordshire the other day. You know what it totally exceeded all expectations and it was a FREE family day out!!!

We last visited a few years ago, to be honest it was a bit drab and still having refurbishments done. A client the other day said it had changed for the better. So since my Mum lives so close, we thought we would go and have a butchers! I am so glad we did, its fab!!

Free Parking –  Check! No Parent parking though, but there is an over flow car park, so do not really see it as a problem.

There is a Riverside Cafe and a coffee bar area – which looks great, although it has high bar chairs and one sofa. I guess this bit is aimed at the child free!

Once through the Cafe, there is lots of outside seating. Overlooking the mill and the river, it really is  beautiful little  spot. We didn’t savour the food this time, opting for a posh Apple juice, purely as we had 10 minutes before we shut!But they serve do breakfast from 9am, lunch and afternoon tea!

Outside there is the Mill itself, which has free access, worth a look around with a few interactive displays for the older kiddies. If you want to learn a bit more and there is a guided tour, which includes seeing the restricted areas and its only £5.50 for those over 16! The Mill Store obviously sells “Jordans” produce, so if that’s your bag…you can go wild! Do go in the shop as there as some interactive displays to go and see.

The gardens aren’t massive, but buggy friendly and really serene. With lots of vegetables, flowers, seating. It was just a really pleasant walk round. Kiddies can get a “Go Wild Passport” £.150 or free with a Kids Meal. This allows the kiddies to get closer to nature nd you can enjoy the walk round, rather than them getting bored!

Once through the gardens is the Meadow, its still in it infancy but there are lots of butterflies fluttering around, around the back of the meadow is the wood and this is the bit I loved the most! With bug hotels, twig wig wams, log walk ways, games. It is the place for imagination! if a 11 month year old, a 71 year old and 35 year old can enjoy the “Cone Game” anyone can!!!

There is so much emphasise on nature and seeing the little creatures in their natural habitat. So much thought has gone in to it! It will definitely be a place we will return again and again as Maddox grows and memories can be made!

One of my favourite free places to go in Bedfordshire!


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