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Dolly Parton has this amazing charity called the Imagination Library. Which gives every child a free age appropriate book every month from birth until they start school (5 in the UK), no matter what the family income. So far they give over a million children a book a month. Now including us!

I saw someone post about the Imagination Library a few months ago on Facebook and looking into it and realising it isn’t too good to be true I applied! It took probably a couple of months but low and behold we recently got our first book! Beatrix Potter The Tale of Peter Rabbit!

Covering the USA, UK, Canada and Australia. Dolly’s “Champions” set up their own affiliate in various areas all over the country. The Champions are responsible for securing funds for the registered children in their area, to enable them to send out the books.

Visit the website here to find out more. If you click on the “getting started” you can select your country, see if your area has a local champion, check what books are on the list and even how to set up your own affiliate.

This is such a great charity, that I am so excited about! Spread the word! All hail Dolly!!!

Blooming Beautiful Mama Dolly Parton Book Chairty

I have not been asked to write this or nor do I have any connection to the charity other that we have subscribed!

Blooming Beautiful Mama

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