Baby Cold Survival Kit

When your baby has a cold, it is crap. It is crap to see them suffer, it is crap as you suffer too…..sleep deprivation, helplessness and most often than not, you get the  bloody cold in return for all of your efforts, to then ping pong it back to your little one…and so the circle of germs continues.  I think this winter I got a cold every other week for about 5-6 weeks! Being a Mum with a cold sucks, being a Mum with a cold looking after a baby with a cold sucks even more!

After baby reaches 3 months there is a lot more on offer to you…here are my tops buys to get BEFORE the colds start!!

    1. An electrical snot sucker. From birth. These things are a LIFE SAVER! These can be used from birth and they literally suck the snot out of little nose. They can breathe again and you don’t have a snotty shoulder! Result! Not cheap and cheerful…but worth their weight in gold if you can splurge
    2. Calpol or Neurophen. From 3 months. You will probably have a stash from the dreaded injections. Not that I advocate drugging your child up. But how do we know if they have headaches, sore throats, inflamed sinuses etc. It reduces any temperature and helps them sleep
    3. Calpol Vapour Plug. From 3 months. Helps them to breathe. Its quite strong. so we would put ours on for an hour before bed and turn off when we went to bed and tend to use it when his cold is really stuffy. It does have a “night” light, that comes on when all the lights are out. I use the word night light loosely…think bright police siren blue, that fills the rooms. I have put stickers over ours! You can buy refills, which need to be replaced every night, if you have it on for long periods. A bit pricey, but I’m willing to through every thing at a child with a cold! Not literally!
    4. Calpol Saline Drops. Great for new borns. For when they have the snuffles, it loosens any stuffy noses. If you didn’t want to pay out for an electrical snot sucker, then these makes the manual ones a bit more efficient
    5. Snuffle Babe Vapour Rub. From 3 Months. Now you may think I have a slight fetish for the aroma of menthol! I really don’t, I just want us both to sleep as soundly as possible! This stuff is gentle and not as strong as Vicks. A small amount in the little dip of little ones throat helps keep airways clear. We use this until the cold has gone, along with the plug for the first couple of days.

6. Electrical Thermometer. From birth. We got the Boots own brand one. At first I did just think these were yet another money making gadget, but I stand corrected! Great for even when little one is asleep. It can also check the bath water and temperature of the bedroom, if you are slightly neurotic parents like we were at first! I’ve even used it when I got mastitis…so great for the whole family! (shame I’m not saying that about a fun filled day out!)

Until they reach that 3 months, it is slightly more challenging to help alleviate cold symptoms. You can run a hot shower and place baby in bathroom, the steam can help clear sinuses. It does get easier to manage the older they get. It is horrible time but like everything else it doesn’t last. On a positive, germs are good for their immune systems,so colds are a good thing…er said no parent ever!!!

Sending you get well wishes if your little one is suffering at this moment

Kerry xx

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