10 things I love about being a Mum

It could be mistaking that I think this whole motherhood things is a complete ball ache…parts can be, I’m not going to lie! However I have had moments that quite simply been the best experiences of my life, so here are 10 things I love about being a Mum

10 things I love about being a Mum

1 – A feeling of love floods my body and melts my heart into my toes, every time I look at him

2 – This overwhelming feeling of amazement that I have created a human that is beautiful and funny

3 – Cuddles with a sleepy, warm, babygrow clad tiny person is the BEST

4 – Hearing him chuckle hysterically at something I do to make him laugh

5 – Just watching him do baby stuff – Watching him wave and crawl away with a big smile and a wiggly bum, Watching him play on his own, babbling away, picking up anything and speaking into it like a phone, watching him eat (we have a 2 minute video of him just eating peas!), watching him sleep (I cry pretty much every time)

6 – Seeing him grow, learn and how he works things out like climbing a stair

7 – When he breaks into a smile and lifts his arms up for a cuddle whenever he see me

8 – I love being his safe place

9 – He lets me be just silly every day

10 – He brings out a better version of me….I have to be able to get over any fears, be more patient, kinder and less selfish. I find myself sharing the best bits off my plate and not minding…it must be LOVE!

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